my head is awfully hurty this morning.
makes me want to lose my breakfast. . .
not good.

they’re calling for a bit of the white stuff tomorrow. I think it will be a good day to take public transportation. . .even if it will take me forever to get home.

things remain status quo.
I’m trying to plan a quick weekend jaunt to the left coast to see 20three. . .but Independence Air doesn’t start service out there until May. . .and I wanted to travel in March.

man. really. my head. it’s got to stop hurting.
it’s making it really hard to see, and not so easy to think clearly.


happy hump day,


5 thoughts on “ow.

  1. *massage*

    Sign up for a Travelocity.com Farewatcher for the cities you want to go to. Airfare to CA keeps going up and down. A week or two ago, US Airways was around $200 from Ithaca to SFO or LAX!

  2. do what you can – you know I’d love to see you and an unexpected weekend with you would be so great 🙂 but I don’t want you to spend a fortune. Have you looked at United? They have had some great rates – try side step too.

  3. head’s better now. it was self inflicted hurtyness. . .
    I saw a fare for $225 out of dulles Leaving Friday at 5:30 getting into LAX after 8 pm and leaving Monday at 10 something in the morning. . .I wouldn’t have to take off on Friday.
    I’m going to keep looking.

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