I had what was possibly the most emotional sports moment ever for me today. My NASCAR driver, Kurt Busch, won the inaugural NEXTEL cup.

I cried like a little girl.

I’ve never been so wrapped up in any sort of playoff/final situation in my entire life.
I went to the first race this season at Daytona. It was the only race I attended this year.
There, Kurt finished one lap down, but right up there running with the first and 2nd place drivers. I had my hopes at that point, but never saw this coming.

Throughout the season, the 97 was strong, consistent, and played fair for the majority of the season. Showing his maturity this year by not getting into too much trouble.

I stayed home from the bar today, missing the first half of the Falcons game to watch the final NASCAR race of the season. A race that would make me so nervous. . .points, position, cautions.

I’ve never felt so invested as a fan in a race. And it did come down to the end. To positions, to tires and gas and cautions and pit stops. I held my breath. I drank captain and coke.

And in the end, I was never so proud to be a fan of one of the dorkiest looking drivers.

Two years ago, my best friend told me that if I was really going to follow this sport, I had to pick a driver.
I selected based on the fact that this driver drove a car sponsored by Sharpie, my favorite marker.
The more I watched, the more I understood.
It was more than go straight,turn left. It was more than driving in circles.
It was driving, strategy, talent. . .teamwork. . .

I feel like the biggest dork that Kurt’s win made me cry.
But I’ve never been so happy about an outcome of someone I’ve rooted for.

Congrats Kurt. You’ve earned it.

later days,


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  1. Congratulations to Kurt and all you Kurt fans.

    I think this is especially well deserved for Busch because of the way NASCAR made him out to be the villain for getting punched by Jimmy Spencer. I know that the France family has to be pissed that they have another unpopular Roush champion even after they changed the points system in response to the last one.

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