random musing for the morning…

A Cake song just isn’t a Cake song w/o the random insertion of
Aw Yeah, All Right. . .

All Cake songs have this in there somewhere.
I find it comforting. . .the consistency of a little Aw Yeah

That’s what Friday is all about.
A little Aw Yeah



8 thoughts on “random musing for the morning…

  1. I really hate that I missed this, but I’m glad to have been turned onto it thanks to the Comfort Eagle case laying on the table last night.

    The cover of Willie Nelson’s “Sad Songs & Waltzes” doesn’t have any of this action in it at all. Actually, I think maybe it was a Prolonging the Magic innovation that really got played up a lot on Comfort Eagle because I don’t recall too much of it from Fashion Nugget (I don’t have the first album and therefore cannot comment on it). I also don’t have Pressure Chief to see just how it works on the new album… 😉

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