I left my glasses at home.
I’m supposed to wear them all the time now. . .not just at work.
This is BAD.

I suppose I could go home and get them, but that would also be bad, b/c then I wouldn’t want to come back. . .

Really enjoyed the outcome of the game last night. One of these days I’ll manage to stay awake to see the end of a baseball game. .. I was pretty close this time.

Tacos do go well with baseball.

An empty office is a happy office. All sales monkeys are at a trade show today 😀
And they didn’t leave me near enough work. . .but oh well. I’ll get over that. It’ll probably take me longer than usual b/c I don’t have my glasses.

We had no hot water at the apartment this morning.
So I didn’t shower.
Good thing I showered yesterday afternoon, or I’d be a nasty greaseball. . .

Coffee is satisfying this morning.
So is making the time to have breakfast with your husband. . .
Honey nut Cheerios w/cold milk and OJ.

later days,


4 thoughts on “damn.

  1. thanks. . .
    I thought I had put them on before leaving, but I guess not. I need to get better about wearing them. Enjoy your last “real” day at the office.

  2. When I went to the eye doctor for the first time in 2 years. . .my prescription had changed a fair amount. . .it is amazing how much better I can see.. .edges of things. I didn’t realize how much my vision had deteriorated. . .
    They’re still not as strong as yours or ‘s. . .but they make a difference.

    Are you a candidate for Lasik?

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