and then. . .

but still. . . .
4 for 4


12 thoughts on “and then. . .

  1. Yes, indeedy, Braves fan. . .
    was watching game 5 of the NLDS in the bedroom wearing my braves hat. . .
    So I’ve gotten quite used to post season disappointment in the past few years.

    I’m pulling for the Sox.
    I HATE the yankees.

  2. Are you planning to stay a Braves fan? As you may or may not have heard, Sports Guy lets you break with your old team in this situation.

    We have to get you and at a baseball game together. The best would probably be a R-Braves/Norfolk Tides AAA game since it’s doubtful that we’d ever all be in New York or Atlanta at the same time when there was a game…

  3. I used to go to Shea for opening weekend every year… from Ithaca. Early and mid ’90s. Good stuff. I should do it again next spring. 🙂 Wanna come?

    Mets fan. Sox fan. HAPPY baseball fan.

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