wordsmith extraordinaire. . .

I e-mailed my husband earlier asking him to find me a recipe and let me know what the ingredients were in case I needed to pick anything up on the way home. . .
He provides me with the recipe. All ingredients accounted for at home. Good. No extraneous trip to the grocery necessary.
I ask him if this Italian Skillet Chicken interests him at all for dinner this evening. . .
To which he replied:
yeah, i’m game. plus i need to unbeef for awhile.

I almost fell out of my chair.

unbeef. . .
the process of coming down from nearly a week of red meat consumption.
try to use it in a sentence today!


8 thoughts on “wordsmith extraordinaire. . .

  1. I almost fell out of my chair when I read my sister’s journal entry that began with, “I emailed my husband…” Still not quite used to that 🙂

    I need to eat more cleansing foods this week. Perhaps I should finally hit the grocery store for some food that requires preparation…

  2. beef, it’s whats for dinner

    yes, no beef for a month may be in order.
    btw, it was great meeting you. Good time all around. Thanks for all your help at the wedding/dinners!!

  3. I hope to get around to posting about the weekend sometime tomorrow. . it was definitely jam packed. I’m looking forward to having a weekend where I’m doing very little, but this coming weekend won’t be that way either, as I make my journey southward to the Peach State. . .

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