weather where?

I’m sitting outside trying to type this
feeling my fingers get numb.

Where is the summer weather I had gotten so used to?

Overnight low tonight?
Expected to be in the low 40s.

I suppose I should steel myself for true autumn’s arrival.
For sweaters and socks and hats and scarves. ..
But my summer soul is not quite ready to let go.


4 thoughts on “weather where?

  1. isn’t it something?
    it was 30-something last night in chicago!
    today’s high was 50-something
    but tomorrow it will be 75.
    STOP it. i don’t know what to wear. 😉

  2. ooo, chilly indeed! I’ll keep summer alive for you 🙂 it’s supposed to be about 85 here tomorrow. I’m the queen of layers…freezing in the office and warm outside…what’s a girl to do?

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