little things…

Even though I’ve always viewed Tuesday as the red headed stepchild of the week. . .
There are little things making me smile this morning.

It’s a brisk, breezy sunny morning with the clearest blue sky. Fall is in the air. Time for feeling cozy.
My perfect cup of coffee in the mug I’ve been using since I started working for this company over 6 years ago keeps me company this morning.
The sunrise was spectacular. I rather enjoy this time of year when I get to see the sun rise on my way to work. I get to greet the day, rather than letting it greet me from bed.
iTunes is selecting well this morning. Songs I don’t typically choose to listen to.
Sleep came easy and fast last night. Slept straight through til morning.

Work looks to be rather mundane today. Files are downloading in the other room for the AE’s to proof.
Fly, tuesday, fly.

later days,


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