I’m melting. . .

my office becomes the sauna after lunchtime, and there’s so much to be done.
heat makes focusing hard.
fortunately I’ve got several bottles of water that I snagged from the “Tenant Appreciation” barbecue.
Free lunch is good, especially when eaten al fresco on a day that makes being inside very difficult.

There’s at least a 15 degree temp difference between my office and the outside world. Makes me wish I could bust open this window and let some fresh air in.


At least tomorrow’s friday.
I’m looking forward to friday.
doesn’t everyone look forward to friday?

yeah, the heat is causing my brain to be a little squishier than usual.
back to the grind

later days,


5 thoughts on “I’m melting. . .

  1. Ahh…yeah. We’ve got that problem at home. The sun just pours in the windows on the back of the house in the morning and it can make the living room feel a good 10 degrees hotter than the rest of the house.

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