I need retail therapy.
I haven’t bought clothing for myself in a while, or new shoes, or anything like that. . .
just food and drinks and entertainment.

I want to shop.


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  1. Uh oh. Somebody warn the !!!

    I buy lots of comics and music and books and the like, but I avoid buying clothes like the plague. I can’t stand clothes shopping. I find it stressful and frustrating.

  2. i’ve been doing some of that lately

    Ever since i lost all that weight, i’ve been looking bad in my old clothes. It’s amazing how much better clothes that fit look. I actually still wore some of the stuff i wore in college and high school up until this year…

    I used to think i hated shopping, but the payoff makes it fun.

    I also got rid of every pair of pleated pants i owned. Pleats are so frumpy!

  3. Re: i’ve been doing some of that lately

    Pleats are frumpy.

    After wearing clothes that were way too big all through college, I’ve finally realized that I need a Tall Medium for shirts to fit right. Lo and behold, I now have a closet full of shirts that actually fit.

  4. Re: i’ve been doing some of that lately

    I’m in the same boat. I have all these clothes I used to wear, all size XL’s that look so horrible to me now. And I’m still not done losing the weight I want to lose, so I don’t want to spend a lot of money on clothes that may not fit when I do lose that weight. So it’s probably a good thing I don’t have the money anyway to be buying clothes right now.

  5. Re: i’ve been doing some of that lately

    Just got back from the mall. Went with two of my co-workers that are total shop-a-holics.

    Got decent sized fall wardrobe from Old Navy for $182.
    Splurged on a very practical denim jacket (that just looked too good on me) from Benneton.

    Yes, clothes that fit are totally worth it. I hadn’t bought fall clothes in a while. Didn’t really buy any last year. . .so time was right.

  6. Re: i’ve been doing some of that lately

    Yeah, i think i had carryover tendencies to purchase x-large clothing and baggy pants…which was such a high-school thing to do…i think it was cool back then, but i wasn’t that cool so maybe it was just a bad habit.

    I realized i couldn’t buy x-large anymore but i kept buying large shirts to hide my gut. now that i’ve lost the gut and put some shoulders on at the gym, large just seems so damn baggy. so now it’s all mediums and smalls at some places that haven’t gotten on the “fitted” and “custom fit” bandwagon that abercrombie and polo started (where everything is basically half a size smaller through the midsection).

  7. Re: i’ve been doing some of that lately

    old navy doesn’t seem to fit me right. The pants all seem either too short or too boxy. and the shirts are all a bit too logo-wear for me…and if it isnt logo-wear its ringers, and i have too many ringers as it is.

    i’ve been trying to get weirder stuff and patterns from places like macys and nordstrom.

    another thing i’ve learned is that really good jeans cost a REALLY lot of money…diesel, -7- etc, ugh….they make my ass look so good but i cant pay 200 bucks for a pair of jeans. gap makes decent jeans for 50-70.

  8. finding a butt in a pair of jeans

    for people with no butt – finding a good pair of jeans that actually make you look like you have one – it’s worth any amount spent. Although, I’d say that $70 is the most I’ve ever spent on a pair of jeans. But for me, jeans are my “work clothes” so if I’m going to wear them, it justifies spending the $.

  9. old navy

    Old Navy never really fits me right – I always encounter the clothes that mom urged me to buy back in the day…”It will shrink, buy it bigger”…did I mention I took 3 bags of clothes to Goodwill this weekend? Yeah – I buy clothes that fit now.

    I’ve been on a jacket kick lately – I don’t really have much seasonal clothing anymore – just layers 🙂

  10. Re: i’ve been doing some of that lately

    How much weight did you lose? You were looking pretty fit at the wedding. I’ve lost about 20lbs. since July, but I have quite a few more to lose before I’m happy.

  11. Re: i’ve been doing some of that lately

    i weighed 201 last october

    i got to 171 around march/april and have hovered there since…i was at 165 or so at one point, but then i started lifting harder at the gym and have put on some muscle.

    i feel so much better these days

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