updates from the 7th ring of hell. . .

I think that the A/C is back on. . .but my office is still hot, as it is now the afternoon and the sun has decided to make an appearance. No word on the closing of the office for the day, as I’m assuming that won’t happen b/c the rest of the office feels better than mine. I’ve got my work done that I needed to get done. The phones are actually on night service, which leads me to believe that the office may have been closed but, as usual, no one has informed me. Maybe I should ask? The heat is making my head hurt. . .I’ve now drank about 8-16.9 oz. bottles full of water. I feel rather cleansed. . .

Oh well, I’ve got some random tasks I can accomplish to pass the time until I shrivel up and pass out from the furnace that is my office. Man, I never knew computers put out so much heat!

later days


2 thoughts on “updates from the 7th ring of hell. . .

  1. That is just torturous. I don’t know how you’re standing it. If the A/C ever stops working here, I’ll be heading straight home. I’m not sweating and suffering for this place 🙂

  2. I couldn’t be more opposite of you right now. I wish I had worn pants today because my legs are chilly in this skirt and I have nippy digits (remember that phrase?) 🙂 Water actually cools my body temp. making me colder.

    with all of the water imbibed, sweating and even the exercise you got this morning – sounds like a very cleansing Monday 🙂

    hope you get to leave soon…

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