ah, sigh, week’s end.

Another week waning.
where does the time go?

Work’s kept me busy this week, but I know my mind isn’t fully here. I’ve been having to be productive in the morning when I first get in or I risk slacking off too much in the afternoons. I’ve been wishing away the work days, which I shouldn’t, because they are days, none the less. . .

15 days.
seems like an eternity, and yet I know it’s not and that it will fly by at a rate yet to be determined.

been really cranky and fussy as of late. I’m hoping it’s just all due to stress from every aspect of my life. I’d like to think that when this is all over, I’ll return to my normal self. Only time will tell, though.

Got stuff to do this weekend. It’s my last “normal” weekend before family starts getting into town. Sleeping is definitely one of the things I’d like to do this weekend. . .while I have been sleeping well, I haven’t been sleeping nearly enough. . .walking around in a fog all day isn’t really good for productivity. Nor is it good for operating a motor vehicle.

It’s grey and sticky w/a chance of rain today.
That should help my drive to get all this work done, you’d think?

back to the grind.
later days,


3 thoughts on “ah, sigh, week’s end.

  1. time indeed will tell…but I have a feeling you will be slightly changed, in a good way, and find your way back to a more normal state after all of the craziness dies down…

    or maybe the less stressed you will find her way out to play when you’re on your honeymoon – woo woo!!

    see you so soon…

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