one month to go. . .

where has the year gone?
One month from today, I’ll wake up just like any other morning, shower, eat some breakfast. . .put on my wedding dress and start my life (legally, anyhow) with moosebraying.

Kind of had the pre-wedding meltdown last night. Just a tad overwhelmed by all that’s left to do. It’s not anything major, just a lot of little details that all need to be taken care of. But moosebraying and I knocked out the list of words for the cake as well as the agenda for the reception. . .so I feel like we got something accomplished.

Today I’ve brought with me a small list of e-mails and phone calls that I can get done this afternoon.

I think in the past few days I’ve finally given myself the opportunity to stop and think about the passing of time and what lies ahead. I’ve been too busy prior to then to really stop and process it all. It’s deliciously intimidating.

back to work.


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