so this is life. . .

Nothing makes me happier than to hear my future husband say that this is the best he’s eaten in his life. My passion for food, recipes and cooking is rather fanatical. . .Food, cooking it rather, is my happy place. The time in my day when I’m the most at peace is when I’m preparing a meal, be it simple or complex. ..

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my weekend with moosebraying (or, as I like to think of him, husband in training). . .we had our first adventures in home improvement this weekend as we put up some wire shelving above our washer/dryer. . .we slept late, ate well, I got the chance to check out the farmer’s market in Arlington Saturday morning. My parents came over for dinner on Saturday night and we discussed wedding stuff. . .(yeah, I think I may need to think about wrapping up the planning as the wedding bells will be ringing less than 5 weeks from now).

now, he and I are sitting on our balcony, each on our own laptops, bellies full from a satisfying dinner of steak salad, caprese salad (tomatoes are so yummy when they’re in season), and corn on the cob. . .I couldn’t be more content with my life right now. Kind of wishing I didn’t have to go back to work tomorrow, but that’s life. And so, I suppose, is what I’m doing now. . .

Life is good

later days


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