potato salad

got my fix of potato salad last night.
ate a small container of it like most women would eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. . .
but I slept much better. . .
yeah, I think the issues from the night before were definitely due to the pepperoni.

hump day.
two more days til the weekend. . .
wish it would get here sooner.

time to make the doughnuts,


8 thoughts on “potato salad

  1. That’s ok, instead I had the nightmare. Not much of a nightmare, really, but it woke me up. I dreamed you took some kind of dare and you were going to jump off this fifteen foot wall onto concrete. I thought you were out of your mind and would totally ruin your knees. I was shouting at you not to do it and you couldn’t hear me, so I realized I had to summon all my strength and yell as hard as I could “No, Beth, don’t do it!” Only I actually yelled it in my sleep and it came out something like “Neh, Beh, dunnna dat!”

  2. strange…i got home pretty late last night, but stayed up to make potato salad – cause i have had a craving for a while now, and finally make it out to the store to get the fresh dill.

    my favorite is:
    * red potatoes, pulled just before done. basalmic vinegar splashed on while they are hot.
    * red onions, julienne
    * mayo
    * white pepper
    * salt
    * mustard powder
    * celery seed
    * plenty of fresh dill weed

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