the day after. . .

Back to the grind.
Went to retrieve my bling during lunch hour.
It feels great to have my ring back on my finger again. . .
Took the opportunity to pick up some lunch for myself while I was in Vienna. . .
Yummy greek salad w/a quarter greek rotisserie chicken. . .
hunks of feta cheese and some tasty kalamata olives. . .

had fun at the beach this weekend.
it amazes me how many people don’t actually go to the beach when they go to Dewey. . .they just drink all day. . .and all night. . .and get up the next day and do it again. Definitely not my scene anymore.

Now its back to work, get things done, go home and unpack. . .
Slept pretty crappily last night. . .the night terrors are back. Weird snippets of nightmares that reappear whenever I would close my eyes. I’m sure I scared the crap out of moosebraying at one point.

later days,


6 thoughts on “the day after. . .

  1. did you have to have something done to your ring?

    Yeah, I went to Dewey two summers ago and it just seemed like the party beach…CONSTANT drinking. I was just there for the day – so I was all about the beach.

    night terrors…strange…are they totally surreal or at all related to things that could actually happen in real life?

  2. they don’t really seem related to anything. . .common fears perhaps.
    at one point I sat up in bed and thought I had a bug in my hair, so I flipped it off (of course, it wasn’t really there). . ..

  3. oh, and no I wasn’t having anything done to my ring. I had to leave it at the jewelers so that they can make a mold to make my wedding band. it’s going to be custom to fit right up against the bottom of the engagement ring.

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