1/4 Cup Cheese & Chive Eggbeaters, microwaved on high for 2 minutes
1 slice Giant Brand 2% american cheese
1 Lite english muffin, toasted
several sprays of “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” spray

total calories

total taste
yum, yum. yum.

may just replace my favorite 7-11 Egg & Cheese on english muffin.

now on with the show.


4 thoughts on “

  1. it really was.
    plus, b/c we’ve got a fridge at work that no one really uses and a microwave and a toaster oven, I can make it once I get into work. . .which really works better for me than trying to make breakfast at home in the morning.

  2. I’ll probably try it out at home soon. really enjoys making egg and cheese english muffins, and a low cal alternative would be great. I usually stick to the tried and true Cheerios + banana in the AM, but on weekends I like to get something different for breakfast (oatmeal, eggs, etc).

  3. I usually save eggs and such for the weekend, too, but after reading this it’s real tempting to get out a couple of the fresh eggs I got from Michelle this weekend!

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