stuck in my head. . .

I just went outside to see the rainbow in the sky. . .
a brief thunderstorm just rolled through
then the sun came back out.

now I’ve got this stuck in my head.
silly little hand clapping chants from my childhood
what I would give to be that innocent again, if just for one day.


2 thoughts on “stuck in my head. . .

  1. thanks – now it’s in my head 😛

    how is that new Jump album? I’ve been meaning to check that out…

    make time for the innocent moments…simplify from time to time…today I laid in the grass at lunchtime and walked around barefoot for a while…there’s time for everything…

  2. I don’t know about you, but I never knew that second verse. And we always ended:
    Forever more, more, more, more…
    Shut the door!

    It’s funny how no matter where you grew up you all have the same childhood songs.

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