boxes, envelopes, and tins

So last night I took about 6 boxes worth of books over to moosebraying‘s apartment. I wasn’t initially going to move stuff from the townhouse, to his place, only to have to move it again. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense to have the majority of our stuff in one location so that when we get around to moving it, it will be easier. Plus, me gradually moving stuff over gets it all done in a more “relaxing” manner. . .

It was good to see him. I feel as though I’ve lost my fianceé to seasonal allergies, and now, as I have learned, a pretty decent ear infection to boot. He looked better than I’d seen him in a week or so. I’m ready to have him healthy and be able to spend quality time w/him. . .he’s pretty darn useless when he’s all allergy ridden.

Went back home, as there was no guest parking to enable me to stick around a bit, and he needed to get some rest. . .started punching out the labels for the tops of the tins that are to become our wedding favors. It never stops, I tell you. . .I just feel the more I can get done now, the less harried and frantic I’ll be come late July. Plus, throw a move in there, work stress, and all hell just breaks loose.

I’m punchin’ holes again today at work. . .plan to try and get some preliminary designing done on the actual magnets (which are the favors). . .waiting to hear from Atlanta so I can finalize some after deadline ads. Sucks, b/c I don’t have anything left to do today but burn all the late ads to disk and drop them in the UPS box. If the friggin client would just let me know which version they want me to create (at the last POSSIBLE minute) for these three ads, I’d be done, and I could go run back to the townhouse and get the tins so I could stick these labels on them. . .grrr. . .

anyhow, that’s the state of my union. . .
later days,

update, 11:30 am: the punching of the tin tops is done. . .woo hoo. . .maybe I will run home and grab the tins. . .


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