for now. . .for later. . .

for morning:
car inspection – passed
road construction
trying to be crafty w/my sense of direction
and driving in circles in attempts to get to work.

for lunch:
tuna salad made w/wasabi mayo & deli mustard, served on a bed of lettuce, tomatoes, cukes, and carrots

for afternoon:
catching up, filing, addressing envelopes (which I didn’t get around to last night)
scheduling my pre-op visit.

for later:
SCAD Alumni event in DC.
Bout time this area got a chapter. . .
hope my sense of direction regains its confidence in time (although the site for the event is on 14th street, so I doubt that I’ll have a problem)


10 thoughts on “for now. . .for later. . .

  1. listing, then crossing off as items are accomplished, helps me get through the day, helps me remember what has to be done. . .
    right now, my list on my desk is looking pretty good. . .as in, I may actually not have to carry anything over to tomorrow. .. that’s always a good sign on hump day.

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