calgon take me away. . .

I think I’m going to quit my job and go become a bag boy at the grocery store.
they’re hiring right now.

I can’t take this week much longer.
every day has felt 3 days long.
I don’t know how much more I can pack into each day
and sleep, heh. .. lets just say its been less than quality this week.

too much on my mind
too much to write
heart racing, head spinning. . .

grrr. ..
more ads to do
later days,


6 thoughts on “calgon take me away. . .

  1. grr..hope it gets better.

    I’ll buy you a drink once we finally get a chance to meet up and catch up! heh…I don’t think I’ve ever legally bought you a real drink before in my life!

  2. no, I don’t think you have ever legally bought me a drink. . .other than perhaps iced tea or coffee at some point ;).
    I’m all grown up now.

  3. I’m all grown up now.

    hehe…course I’m only like a year older if memory serves me correctly! Well we will have to rectify that some day. Do you work in the city or out in the ‘burbs? I work closer to the ‘burbs but live in the city as of a few months ago.

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