the taxman giveth. . .

phew. ..
just finished my GA tax returns. . .
and I’m getting a refund for my 2 weeks worth of employment in the state of georgia
seems like an awful lot of work for 2 weeks. . .I couldn’t use an online tax preparation service b/c you can only do one state with those, and I’d already used turbo tax for my federal and VA taxes.

but its over,
and now I must run to the post office, as I have no stamps.

later days,


9 thoughts on “the taxman giveth. . .

  1. We gave up and just tossed everything to H&R Block. For the first time since we moved to GA, we actually got a refund as well. Georgia was brutal to the married — you could claim S0 all you wanted, but they still under-witheld.

  2. Congrats…I’m having to file an extension. Its been a crazy week. Had some roof leaks in my new house – so I decided to go the route of an extension, so I can sanely and accurately finish them. My taxes have always been utterly complicated – and this year is no exception.

    Can’t wait for some free time to come around so I can actually read up on what you’ve been up to!

    I keep reading the later days, me closing to your entries, and suburbia pops into my mind!

  3. I had to do the extension thing one year in georgia. . .not pleasant.
    they write these things in such a language to where you can’t actually understand what they’re saying w/o using a program or a CPA to decipher it all. . .

    I wish free time your way.
    its not all that exciting really. . .this reading what I’ve been up to.
    I’ve been on LJ since July of 2001. . .so there’s quite a bit of change in the person writing, but nothing earthshattering

  4. hrm. . .
    my father just said wait and see,
    I feel like I’m having the max withheld for myself. . .and I know that the situation will change once we’re having to file as married. . .hopefully it won’t hurt too much

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