back in. . .grey?

yeah, its pretty grey and wet here on the east coast. . .
I left 80 degree sunny skies behind when I boarded my plane yesterday afternoon. . .
at least its not too cold.

Got into the office about 15 minutes ago.
my mother and I had an appointment w/the florist this morning. . .it went very well, and I believe I’ll actually come out just at or just under the money I’d budgeted for my flowers.

Its good to be back. . .but it was very, very good to get away.
Seeing 20three in her own environment and being out there in a different mindset really got me driven and focused to get all that I need to get done in the near future accomplished.

Amazing how just 4 days away really can feel like a vacation.

Also amazing how there’s nearly nothing in my in box. . .which I’m quite fine with, honestly. I’d left a few ads behind on Thursday that I need to wrap up today. . .and I’m supposed to be getting my new computer at some point, so not being busy will allow me time to connect it.

I’m looking forward to seeing moosebraying this evening and cuddling up w/him on the couch. . .relaxing and enjoying his company. . .and giving him his present from CA.

life’s pretty much on the up and up right now.
I obviously really needed that vacation…

later days


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