I’m going to puke

Two men just came in the back door of our office.
Burglarized the place.
took everyone’s wallets (somehow they didn’t find mine).
everyone’s cell phones (including my brand new $150 phone. . .crap).

I feel sick.
I ran out after them. .. but they were a little faster.
cops are on their way. i know I won’t get my phone back, the account’s already been cancelled. it really sucks for the others in my office whose personal information was stolen.

crap crap crap.


22 thoughts on “I’m going to puke

  1. even though it is april fools’ day, i can’t imagine that this is a prank or a joke. that’s just awful. i guess it makes me glad our buildings have such tight security…i complain about it all the time, but i guess it is a good thing.

  2. my lungs were asking me the same question. . .
    I suppose I was just having a moment. . .
    As I ran out and saw them yards and yards ahead of me I yelled “stop right there mother f*!@ers”

    then puke feeling from running.

  3. yikes, this is not our family’s day is it? car accident with dad, burglars taking your phone…I’m glad you’re okay…that really sucks. WOw…it almost doesn’t seem real…I’m sure it’s really real to you though…those punks!

  4. You wanna cancel our cooking plans and just have burgers and beer or something tonight? I’m in the mood for comfort food.

    And why the hell is my latest entry showing on my page but not on my friends page??? Can you see it?

  5. a Kate Spade wallet
    an Yves St. Laurent Wallet
    another wallet
    2 checkbooks
    lots of i.d. from the people whose wallets were stolen
    3 cell phones.

    that’s one nasty joke if that’s what it is.
    sincerely doubt it.
    I want my friggin phone back.

  6. yeah it sucks.
    could be a lot worse for me though.
    it could be my wallet that’s gone.
    I’m eternally greatful that I somehow managed to hang my purse under my coat on the back of my door today. . .otherwise I’d be in the same boat as my coworkers.

    but damn, I loved that phone.

  7. he’s okay – some idiot lady turned left from the center lane and for some reason didn’t see the HUGE ISUZU RODEO in the left turn lane! Some people, I tell ya! He’s okay – just a pain in the ass having to deal with an accident that wasn’t his fault.

  8. That really sucks. I’m glad he’s not hurt at all though.

    I nearly got backed into in a parking lot on my way home. The way things are going, I thought for sure it was going to happen.

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