one of these days. . .

I’ll get around to catching up w/the LJ world.
I’ll get around to posting about how wonderful it was to be back in the south again last week and how I’d forgotten how beautiful and peaceful savannah can be.
I’ll get around to sorting out all the various events and non-events that consume my brain.

wedding planning, working, and cultivating a relationship are time consuming activities.
more so than I think I realized.

right now I’m just taking time for me rather than sharing me.
even doing a little writing in an actual paper journal for the first time in years (its a darn pretty journal too, black leather w/red stitching)

anyhow, work and several versions of a new ad beckon.
someday I’ll make the time to divulge all my worldly secrets
and catalogue all of my many dreams.
until then,
I’ll just keep them locked inside.

later days,


4 thoughts on “one of these days. . .

  1. I’m not leaving LJ or anything, I just can’t promise long posts like yours about trips that we take and stuff. I just don’t have it in me to recount every last detail anymore. Its not as important to me to record that information for others to read. . .

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