drown your sorrows. . .not your keyboard.

Not quite sure what to do right now.
I know that moosebraying is probably in a terrible state of mind, but hopefully he’s asleep.
He called me right around 10pm to tell me that he thinks he’s screwed up his computer. He’d spilled some beer on his laptop. . .I’m really concerned for him. I know what it feels like to lose a computer. I really, really hope that he can get it working again. I know how much his laptop means to him. He spends more time in front of it than the TV. . .it is one of the first things he touches in the morning, and one of the last things he touches at night before getting into bed. Its his life. Not in an obsessive way. But its something of great importance to him.

I’m not quite sure how supportive I sounded when he called. I hope I said the right things. But really, what do you say to someone who’s beating themselves up a bit b/c they made a simple mistake?

i hope that tomorrow brings life to the powerbook. I’ve got my fingers crossed (even though I know that the outlook doesn’t appear good).



3 thoughts on “drown your sorrows. . .not your keyboard.


    And don’t you worry. I really appreciated the time you spent on the phone with me and your offer to come over.

    Meantime, while I am thrilled that my computer is alive, I’m not going to assume that it’s in perfect health. Can I bring it over to your place and do another backup sometime soon?

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