how to twiddle your thumbs in both directions. . .

really. seriously. bored.

The one AE that usually gives me the most work was just in the office for about an hour or so. I figured, surely, she’ll provide me w/some lame-ass ad to design. . .but no. Just a request for the Front Cover and Masthead, which will require me to wait for the new photo from the Ad Agency.

I know, I know. .. this time next week, I’ll be begging for mercy, all b/c I decided to take a few days off. . .but please. Let me go. I’ve run out of things to file, reorganize, clean. . .the internet can’t hold my interest. . .bubble bees just aren’t cutting it today. . .I’ve got better things I could be doing w/my time other than sitting here. . .

back to the mindless grind.
later days,


3 thoughts on “how to twiddle your thumbs in both directions. . .

  1. I’m planning on it. Not like whatever they may turn in after 4pm (if anyone comes back through) won’t be there tomorrow morning when I get in after my doctor’s appointment. . .
    I don’t know how you do it. My job has really become feast or famine lately. Makes me wish I’d brought in my knitting.

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