how do you spell…


yup. I’m bored.
done everything they’ve thrown at me thus far today.
been here since about 7:40 am
and now its noon.
perhaps I should take this opportunity to go treat myself to lunch. . .
b/c I’m not going to make it through the day. . .if I don’t get out.
leaving early is always a nice thought. . .but I shouldn’t really get in the habit of doing that, especially since I’m going to be out of the office the first half of next week. . .I should be available, should anyone need me to do them a favor. . .but seriously folks, this is sad.

yeah. definitely should go grab some grub.
get outta here. it looks nice outside, problem is, its a tad chilly.

Only one more full day in the office until moosebraying and I leave for Savannah.
Can’t wait. I think we both need this trip more than we realize.

chow time baby
later days,


4 thoughts on “how do you spell…

  1. Going to Savannah for pre-St Patrick’s Day celebrations? I have only been to Savannah when March 17 fell on a Friday or Saturday, so I am curious to know if it’s just as wild on the weekend when the 17th is actually a weekday.

  2. I’m trying to remember if it was ever in the middle of the week when I was in school there. . .but I can’t recall.
    It just happens to fall around St. Pats. . .mostly I’m looking forward to showing around the town that I lived in for 4 years. . .and reacquainting myself with the beautiful city as well.

  3. Yeah I’d love to go for a weekend with . I’ve never really explored Savannah as much as I would like.

    We just have yet to make any real plans for a getaway together. So many many places I want to visit this year. Orlando for spring training, Chattanooga, Asheville, Savannah… Guess we should pick something and just go!

  4. Especially being in Macon. . .Savannah’s such an easy weekend trip. . .Makes me wish I’d gone to Savannah a bit more often in my last 2 years living in Atlanta.

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