I simply can’t wake up today.
still functioning on about 1/4 tank.
haven’t gotten much of anything done. . .save for eating lunch, drinking coffee, and trying to keep my eyes open. I don’t think another cup of coffee would even help at this point.
I just want to go home and crawl into bed.
the creative juices just aren’t flowing. . .which is problematic when the bulk of the work you have to do is creative. . .at least today. Not sure what putting it all off for a day will do. . .but I’m not functioning on any sort of reasonable level. Hopefully I’ll wake up at some point today. .. at least in time to drive home?

note to self. really not good to start week off deprived of sleep.

later days,


2 thoughts on “zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  1. and its not like we were drinking heavily last night either.
    who knows.
    sometimes quantity does win out over quality, I suppose
    plus, I think all that walking yesterday may have had something to do w/how tired we are?

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