its such a crock

that I had to dress up today for work
buy pantyhose on the way in to the office
don the heels and the skirt
for some corporate suit
who’s face I’ve yet to see.
They’ve been sequestered in the conference room all day w/the publisher, regional and sales manager.

pantyhose are VERY uncomfortable.
and these heels just ain’t cuttin’ it today.

one more hour. . .


One thought on “its such a crock

  1. This reminds me of the time at my old job when a big company was thinking of buying a product line. They made us all come in on a Saturday, even though most of us had nothing to do with the product in question. I think we also had to dress up, but I can’t swear to that.

    I did see the big company’s rep, but it was for all of about five minutes after several hours of waiting. They asked what my group had to do with the product they were interested in. We replied that we did basically nothing on that project, and they thanked us for our time. We were excused about a half hour later…

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