definitely a case of the mondays. . .

Time has basically stopped. Its been like 3:45 for the past 3 hours as far as I can tell.
Still no urge to create any of these ads that are in front of me. I’ve stopped and started about 3 ads at this point, w/none of them coming to completion. This would definitely be the drawback to my job from time to time. I am paid to be creative. . .and when I’m not able to summon those creative juices, it makes life really difficult. I suppose its fortunate that no one seems to want this stuff for first thing tomorrow morning. I’m pretty sure I’ll be more on tomorrow. . .
Honestly, I’d have been better off staying home today.
There’s no menial brain-dead type of work to be done today.
I hate wasting a day at the office. . .

I’ve never been a fan of drinking coffee in the afternoon. I’m tempted to make a run to Starbucks. Problem is, with it being so late in the day, I won’t want to come back.


later days,


One thought on “definitely a case of the mondays. . .

  1. I used to try to avoid coffee in the afternoon, but now I’ve just given up and accepted the fact that there’s no way I’m going to make it through the 3-5pm time block without a caffeine infusion.

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