sunny hump day

I woke up this morning, 6:15, got out of bed. . .felt so refreshed, renewed. . .ready to start the day.
The sunrise this morning was beautiful. One of those cold winter skies that’s so clear. . .everything glows slightly blue with traces of orange and gold as the sun begins to take its rightful place in the sky. . .magical.

Nice to feel this way on a wednesday.
Treated myself to some Starbucks this morning. . .now I’m ready to work. Left early yesterday b/c I had left my purse at my parents house after journeying out their way to cast my ballot in the primary.

Not at all shocking results w/the two primaries. Glad to see Edwards running in 2nd, think it was wise that Clark bowed out. . .I’m curious as to what the future holds.

Been working on this name change thing in my head. If I am to take moosebraying‘s last name once we are married (which I will), then I need to work on signing his last name instead of mine. Its a constant struggle from my brain to my head. . .this whole identity that is my last name. . .it boggles me.

anyhow, time to get to work. its peaceful here this morning. No chatter, or squeaking. . .no sales people:)

later days,


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