raindrops keep freezing on my head

Its a good thing its not colder today.
we’d have an assload of snow on the ground.
Commute was actually pretty good. . .probably b/c I left early and everyone else is just going to wait a few hours. ..that’s when the real rush hour will happen.

having been out of the office yesterday, I arrived to find not too much on my plate, which is good. Its friday and my motivation is lacking.

A courier is coming in an hour or so to pick up the freelance job. I’m handing it off to someone else to do. I never should’ve committed to this in the first place. I don’t have the time for it. When I get out of work, the last thing I want to do is more work. It’s just not in me. My job demands enough of me and pays me enough to where I shouldn’t need supplementary income from a freelance gig. Now, granted, the extra $$ would’ve been nice, but it just wasn’t worth increasing my stress level over.

watched Survivor w/moosebraying last night. . .whipped up a quick dinner of chicken w/Montreal Steak seasoning (McCormick makes a montreal chicken seasoning, but I bet the ingredients aren’t all that different), potatoes w/broccoli (a frozen Birds Eye side I hadn’t seen before, really quite good) and some crescent rolls (nothing says lovin’ like my crescent rolls, tee hee). . .the chicken was rather tasty and so friggin effortless. . .been a while since I just threw a couple of chicken breasts in a skillet and cooked them. . .

I’ve been having much difficulty sleeping lately. Last night, I was in the bed w/moosebraying, and I just kept looking over at the clock. Knowing that the roads this morning may require my alert attention, I decided to adjourn to his couch for what ended up being a very restful night of sleep. I swear, that couch has magical powers. I’m sure it confused the heck out of him when I rolled over and told him (in his mostly-sleeping state) that I was moving to the couch. Hopefully this won’t last too much longer.

Anyhow, I’ve got coffee to drink and a CD to burn. . .

later days,


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