on the menu

Chicken Enchiladas (from allrecipes)

Looks easy enough that I may add this to the rotation more often.
Plus, I know that moosebraying has several of the ingredients in his fridge already (namely the Salsa, tortillas and cheese, and possibly sour cream, although I’m not sure)

i’m wanting to get OUT of here.
baking in my own skin in this dry heat can’t be good for me!

later days,


7 thoughts on “on the menu

  1. Re: yum…

    it leaves so much room for customization. . .and if you read some of the reviews of the recipe, some people are suggesting using enchilada sauce instead of salsa. ..

  2. Re: yum…

    that website in general can be quite an inspiration when you don’t know what you want for dinner.
    btw, the filling alone for the enchiladas is good. I could just eat bowlfuls of that. . .:)
    I’m adding chopped green chiles to the mix. . .for a little kick.

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